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Why choose us? Plain and simple. We Kick ASS. What ever product you want or need if we don't have it we will find it and get it for you. No gimmicks, no lies just plain old fashioned AMERICAN SERVICE. Speaking of American Service. We try and source all our products from American made suppliers.

Hi I am Adam from TrailRax I have been working with the guys and gals over at Attack Trail for a while. As one of their vendors I can say they are the on top of things down at the shop. When I say on top of things that usually means they are on top of their Jeeps Wrenching.

Adam Engelke
local celebrity off roader

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store owner and all around great guy

Whether it comes to apparel for your Off Road Club an individual shirt or parts for your vehicle, We are glad to be of service. Can't find what you need contact us and we will find what you need.


This is where we are located Monday Through Friday or when we have to be there. Otherwise you will find us on the trail or some off road event having fun and selling merchandise.


23011 Moulton PKY Suite C-9 Laguna Hills Ca 92653

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